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Kerio Control 7.0.0 Build 896 (2010)

۴۸۵ مگابایت (۱۰ آدرس) لینک مبدا (سایت میزبان اصلی)
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دریافت لینک

Kerio Control 7.0.0 Build 896 (2010) | 517MBx86/x64/Windows/Linux/VMWareVersion: 7.0.0 Build 896Developer: Kerio Technologies, IncPlatform: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 32-bit or 64-bit editionCompatibility with Vista: completeLanguage: English + RussianTabletka: PresentKerio Control – is a complete UTM solution that includes all the necessary instruments: a comprehensive system of security, VPN server, bandwidth management, load balancing for Internet channels, as well as ample opportunities to curb the abuse of network access. Kerio Control has more flexibility in terms of hardware requirements, and scalability than traditional security solutions and allows administrators to monitor network activity of users down to the smallest detail.Intrusion prevention:- Signature analysis package data- List of blocked IP-addresses (blacklist)- Management of safety rulesCertified Firewall ICSA Labs:- Testing for recognized industry standards- Corporate level of protection – provides security policy by default, immediately after installation- Secure remote administration – all changes in security policies loggedApplication Layer Gateway:- Create policies for inbound and outbound traffic.- Protection of servers without the need to organize the DMZ through easily customizable NAT.- Implementation of static monitoring and logging of network packets and protocols (stateful packet and protocol inspection).Virus protection:- Filtering of incoming and outgoing traffic for viruses, worms and other piece of code claimed.- Easy deployment of anti-virus protection with integrated anti-virus from Sophos.- Ability to use two anti-virus modules for better protection.Filter web sites for content:- Blocking access to Web sites with malicious or unwanted content- 53 ralichnye category of Web content- Statistics of resources by categories of web contentVPN server:- Unlimited number of connections in the VPN server mode server- VPN client for Mac, Windows and Linux- Clientless SSL-VPN for Windows networksPoliticians user access:- Integration with Active Directory to simplify password management.- Monitor and restrict access user accounts on the Internet.Kerio StaR: Tracking the activities of staff at the request of leadership:- View and print individual activities on the Internet, including requests to the global search engine.- Identifying the causes of congestion in the network, and cases of misuse of the Internet.P2P Eliminator:- Reducing the likelihood of violations related to the downloading of unlicensed software, preventing data leaks and loading of dangerous objects from the peering networks.- Blocking of different types of peering network is using several technologies: restricting access to certain ports, assess the load on the network and behavioral analysis of network activity to adapt to new technologies peering.Load distribution channels:- Increased bandwidth network channel by combining multiple Internet connections.- Increased loading speed and impact of files.- Increased productivity services that require high bandwidth such as VoIP and video conferencing.Speed limit of the channel:- Set daily or monthly quotas for the use of user bandwidth.- Limit speed connection for non-critical applications.Connecting to back channel:- Support for connection to the Internet for critical applications (mail, SQL, web).- Automatic connection to a backup channel in case of no connection to the core.Specifications:Firewall and routerTracking connections (SPI)Limitations of accessAnti-spoofingInspector reportsWizard traffic policyDHCP serverRedirect DNS-server (forwarder)IDS / IPS (based on Snort)Kerio Certified signature IDSBlacklisting IP-addressesThree levels of seriousness of incidentsReportingStatistics AnalyzerReports use the Internet for users, groups, interfacesDetailed reports on usersReports on the use of bandwidthReports on SafetyStatistics on the Web category visited pages using Kerio Web FilterSyslog supportEmail AlertsReports of visited Web resourcesReports on the protocol for useAccess to statistics via Web browserUser AuthenticationKerberos / Active DirectoryNT domainManual authentication for login and passwordAuthentication through opaque proxy server (for Terminal Services)NTLM AuthenticationVirtual private network (VPN)Support for split-tunnelingVPN clients for Windows / MacOS / LinuxVPN client can be run as a serviceAuthentication userUnlimited number of tunnels (servers server)Bezklientsky SSL-VPN through a Web browser (for Windows)Traffic policy and NATPre servicePoliticians traffic by usersTraffic policy at time intervalsNAT mappingPolicy groupsDynamic DNSFiltering by MAC-addressesSupport blacklists in the IDS / IPSThe ability to add exceptions in the traffic policyContent filteringSetting the time intervalP2P EliminatorURL CategorizationPage denial of access to opportunity customizationNotification to the administrator via e-mailAbility to add your own URL rulesFiltering by the prohibited wordsFTP PolicyProxy serverrURL WhitelistVirus filteringIntegration with SophosThe possibility of dual anti-virus filteringLoad the channels and QoSSupport multiple channels of communication the InternetPolicy-Based RoutingConnecting to back channelLimiter bandwidthAdministrationAdministration ConsoleWeb administration consoleSeveral IP addresses on one network interfaceCustomizable routing tableAdjustable set privileges administrationAbility to check updatesExport / Import server configurationIntegration with Active DirectoryLocal user baseDomain configuration template default userFvtomatichesky out user after a timeoutConfigurable intervals for groupsMultilingual supportEnglishChinese (Simplified)CroatianCzechGermanFrenchDanishHungarianItalianJapanesePolishPortugueseRUSSIANSpanishSwedishCertificationCertification ICSA Labs – Corporate FirewallWindows 7

ارسالی در شنبه ۲۶ تیر ۱۳۸۹ ساعت ۵:۳۷:۱۸ صبح، (۷۴ ماه ۱۷ روز پیش)
ارسال کننده لینک، Mr_Pich جهت نمایش لینک ۲۵ امتیاز درخواست کرده است
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